LRS Butler XP (1-Button) Push-For-Service Device

The LRS Butler XP one-button device delivers a silent alert at the touch of a button to anyone in the building wearing an LRS Alpha Messaging Pager or Staff Pager. It is used for instant notification when assistance, back-up or a staff member is needed. The Butler XP messages simple alerts or written messages to one or several people. The Butler XP is weather resistant and available as a one-button unit (a two-button unit is also available).


  • (1) Single Push-Button Butler XP Transmitters (TX-1753). Single-button transmitter that is compatible with LRS alpha staff and staff pagers. 
  • The Butler XP push-button transmitter is weather resistant, made of heavy Lexan plastic, and transmits up to one quarter mile away.
  • Includes free software to program transmitters, however, a dongle kit to connect your transmitters to your computer for programming is required and may be purchased separately. 

Exclusions: Not applicable outside of the UK due to frequency channel regulations. International sales requests outside of the UK, IRELAND & ICELAND  are handled directly by LRS at

Restrictions: All online orders are restricted for purchase and use within the UK, IRELAND & ICELAND only. LRS is not responsible for any product purchased via the web for use outside of the UK, IRELAND & ICELAND, warranty is voided for any product used outside of the UK, IRELAND & ICELAND.


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