LRS Connect Guest Pager CS6 MT Kit 10 Pagers SPECIAL DEAL £399

Massive Savings! Our normal price for this system is over £579.00! This deal extended throughout 2019 to celebrate our 30 years in business!

The LRS guest paging system includes 10 Guest Pager CS6 units and LRS' guest transmitter.  Includes your choice of 10 pagers.  Often used to alert waiting customers in restaurants, retail shops, service shops, beauty salons, doctors offices, and others. LRS Guest Pager Pros discreetly alert customers with a buzz and flashing lights when service is ready, giving customers certainty they'll be notified when service is ready or finished, and giving them the freedom to roam or continue shopping. 

The Guest Pager CS6 offers a digitally developed pager. Offered in one brightly illuminated LED light colour - red. And, the vibration may be configured to buzz in various modes like flash, glow, and continuous.


  • Includes: (10) LRS Guest Pager Pro pagers numbered 1-10 (RX-CS6), (1) Guest Transmitter (TX-9560MT), (1) Charging Base (CH-R8-15), (2) Power Supplies.
  • Perfect for: restaurants, patient paging at doctors offices and clinics, parent alerts for church child care, or other service establishments.
  • No installation required, simple DIY set-up.
  • Great support, 1-year warranty on all parts, additional pagers and parts sold separately.
  • Image shows custom labels not included - LRS standard label included.

Frankly this system eats our competitors alive and they know it, but won't tell you anytime soon. And those customer or guest paging systems from others are pretty poor overall quality. The new CS series of pagers has such a low failure rate that we offer a three year warranty against manufacturers defects, but it's unlikely you will need it.

Get this system while its around as this is truly a real saving - and last time we offered this solution we sold out in about two weeks!

NOTE: Shipping quoted is for mainland UK only... elsewhere call 01782537000 for shipping price.

Exclusions: Not applicable outside of the UK due to frequency channel regulations. International sales requests outside of the UK, IRELAND & ICELAND  are handled directly by LRS at

Restrictions: All online orders are restricted for purchase and use within the UK, IRELAND & ICELAND only. LRS is not responsible for any product purchased via the web for use outside of the UK, IRELAND & ICELAND, warranty is voided for any product used outside of the UK, IRELAND & ICELAND.

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